Real Estate- Unified DCPR brings investor friendly rules to Maharashtra

Rishi Saraf 29-Jan-2021

A document brought to bring ease of working to investors, builders, developers, architects and property owners.

It has brought uniform rules throughout the state (except Mumbai, MIDC & some areas).

Liberal FSI, Premium FSI, TDR, Additional FSI provisions have been brought to encourage construction.

Provision has been made for recreation floor for taller buildings free from FSI.

Lands in agricultural belt can now be used to set up industries, hotels, motels, amusement parks and other activities.

Town planning scheme can be done over min 20 ha in agricultural zone easily.

Lands with industrial zoning can be converted to residential and/or commercial as desired on payment of premium.

Permissions will go online, software expected to be in place by April 2021.

The man behind this, Prakash Bhukte, Jt Director of Town Planning, GOM, explained the rules at a seminar organized by Credai, Nagpur.

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