Is it the best time to invest in land

Is it the best time to invest in land?


By Rishi Saraf  11-Sep-2016

Sector overview:

  • About 10 million people migrate to cities every year.

  • Urban population currently 32.7% is expected to rise to 40% by 2030.

  • About 35% of the population in India is young, in the 15-35 years age group.

  • Growing population, aspirations, standard of living and economy driving demand.

India is a country with huge aspiring population and limited availability of land.

Typically when the policies of the government are getting better at the macro level and at the micro level the prices are low due to lack of liquidity, it may be a great time for a buying decision.

Those with deep pockets & some patience may get great locations for investment at substantial discounts. Eventually, as the economy looks up, investors pour in and the prices multiply quickly over short periods giving multi-baggers to the early entrants.

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