Gaothan limits extended in Maharashtra

Gaothan limits extended in Maharashtra

gaothan in village

15-Jan-2016 :

Maharashtra State Govt has extended limit of Gaothan to 500 meters for population upto 5000 people and to 1500 meters for population above 5000 people.

This will allow residential development in agricultural and no development zones along the periphery of Gaothan based on 1991-2001 census on payment of premium.

It will help regularize layouts which were not in compliance, they will need to pay 30% of ready reconer value for such regularization. This will also cover those villages where no specific residential development is shown, development may be permitted in a similar way. In case the area comes in zone plan, this distance will be 200 meters. 

Hills, Hilltops, and belts from HFL of major lakes where environmental protection or preservation is required may not be permitted.

A few years back NA permissions of about 800 layouts in the vicinity of Nagpur City were cancelled when it was discovered that such permission was granted without compliance to the norms and this had led to a an extended slump in realty market of the areas outside city limits in which a lot of people had put in their money due to a complete halt in all purchase- sale transactions.

With this welcome announcement of regularization, the market may once again see the vibrancy of the past which at one time was considered the number one investment destination in the country.

4 thoughts on “Gaothan limits extended in Maharashtra”

    1. In respect of which place are you checking the provisions?

      For Nagpur Metro region they have come out with the following policy. It may be useful to read the entire document :

      Note-II – Peripheral Development along Gaothan boundaries – The peripheral residential area shown along the Gaothan in the villages excluding the area of under nine urban centres is deleted and land thereunder included in Agriculture Zone. The development along the periphery of the gaothan shall be allowed within the revised peripheral distance from Gaothan i.e.750 mt. distance for gaothan population less than 5000 and 1000 mt. distance for gaothan population more than 5000 subject to other condition mentioned in Appendix-L of the NMA DCPR.

  1. Is it necessary to do natp for plotting in agriculture land in Nagpur Maharashtra (land under 25 km from Nagpur)
    Land under metro region
    Land also near to gawthan

    1. Yes Mr Ghugal,

      It is necessary to get the approvals for lands in NMRDA and even those which are near the Gaothan.

      You can go through UDCPR to understand about the permissions or visit NMRDA office.

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