Real estate Nagpur – Colony development is a time tested opportunity

Colony development is a time tested opportunity

By Rishi Saraf 01-Mar-2019

From times immemorial, people from all strata of society have been used to putting part of their savings in buying plots of land in or around their town/city with the twin objective of building their dream home & as a saving tool to use it in times of need e.g. marriage in the family.

Over the years it worked very well for investors where developers delivered on their promises. On the other hand, as the sector has been loosely regulated, many lost their money with developers who were looking for quick money.

While on one hand population growth, aspirations and standard of living are driving demand, on the other hand missing are big developers who follow rules & deliver great products.

There is good opportunity in the satellite areas of cities. NMRDA encourages development along Outer Ring Roads (ORR) & Gaothans.

As per reports migration to cities is expected to continue in the foreseeable future.

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