Metro Rail route for liberal FSI in Nagpur

Metro rail & Transit Oriented Development in Nagpur

metro rail route fsi

Transit Oriented Development along Metro Rail


The government is encouraging residential & commercial development along the metro corridor.

TOD refers to uses such as shops, restaurants, residential buildings, entertainment facilities within walking distance of metro stations.

The idea is to create walkable communities and also to improve financial feasibility of the project.

TOD would give impetus to development of satellite cities at various corners of the city thereby increasing city’s population.

Metro rail is expected to bring down the number of 2 & 4 wheelers in the city.

Metro rail route for liberal FSI in Nagpur


The Urban development department has proposed liberal FSI along the Nagpur Metro Rail Corridor.

Plots of 4000 sq mts and above on 18 mt wide road will get 4 FSI.

Plots of 2000 sq mts and above which are on 12 mt wide roads will get 3.5 FSI.

Plots of 1000 sq mts and above on 9mt wide road will get 3.0 FSI.

Plots below 1000 sq mts will get 2.0 FSI.

For this purpose distance of 500 mts on either side from centre line is considered.

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