How to maximize returns in real estate

How to maximize returns in real estate

agricultural land high return

By Rishi Saraf, 1-Aug-2016

Lands in the vicinity of towns & cities offer very high returns over time. They typically quote at a low rate per acre (an acre is 43,560 sq feet) at the time when there is no development nearby. As the city grows, the land eventually becomes a part of the city’s outskirts and eventually the city itself.

The returns are typically in multiples and much higher than those from constructed property & plots of land.

All cities & towns follow a similar pattern, whether it is Gurgaon or Eastern Metropolitan Bypass (Kolkata) in the 1990s, Vikhroli (Mumbai) in the 1970s, Ramdaspeth (Nagpur) in the 1960s.

Initially the story is about a futuristic expectation and then over time it becomes a reality.

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