Rules easy for citizen services

Rules easy for citizen services

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The local bodies, the state government and the central government are continuously making rules easier for the citizens.

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Citizen will not have to go to government offices

04-Jul-2016 :

By 02-Oct-2016, 150 Govt services will be provided on mobile app. In next two years all services will be provided on mobile app and citizens will not be required to Govt Offices.

The building plan will be sanctioned through digital technique as DCR will also be digitized says Devendra Fadnavis, CM.

All citizen services in Maharashtra to be online through portal

10-Feb-2016 :

Maharashtra Government is implementing Right-To-Services to its public.

It has started a dedicated portal called ‘Aaple Sarkar’ and will have all 250 services rendered to citizens on it by 15-Aug-2016 says Devendra Fadnavis, CM.

Nagpur will receive quick services

07-Feb-2016 :

By 02-oct-2016 all services of state government will be online and would be accessible on smart phones, and Nagpur will become 1st digital district of the country. People would not have to go to government offices says Devendra Fadnavis, CM.

We are trying to reduce human intervention and with Beam technology, we are trying to introduce a 3D format so that the same application is available to different related authorities and they can put their remarks on it he says.

Sanction of building plan will take 15-20 days Vs 150 to 365 days earlier. Every village of the district will be digitally connected and our farmers will get weather forecasts online and even know the prevailing rates throughout the country for their produce he says.

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