Mr Rishi Saraf

real estate services

We endeavor to provide  independent, thorough and transparent real estate services to enable our clients to receive great returns by investing through us. To make it easier we manage minute details for you. 

We offer a complete range of services from finding suitable proposals for investment in land around Nagpur to maintenance, development, sale and leasing of the property.

we can help you

  • Identify suitable/advantageous locations to buy property.

  • Check whether there are any reservations on the concerned property.

  • Verify realistic going price in the locality.

  • Negotiations with the seller on behalf of the investor.

  • Measurement of the property.

  • Title verification & close scrutiny of defects in the title or disputes over the property.

  • Documentation, purchase, and mutation of the property.

  • Maintenance of the property.

  • Development of the property to generate more value from it.

  • Buying, selling and leasing transactions.

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