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connecting to experts

We connect you to some of the best people in the field to help you put your ideas to work.

we can help you with

  • Industries suitable in the region & areas in which the plant can be set up, and the concerned people to meet.

  • Preparation of project report.

  • Banks/institutions for working capital & term loan, and experts who can help get the loan.

  • Good architects, structural engineers, civil & electrical contractors to build the factory.

  • Procuring suitable machinery, safety equipment and other items.

  • Permissions to be taken. Periodical compliances, how to do it, and the best consultants in the field.

  • Setting up accounting and inventory.

  • Suitable labor, and how to find them.

  • Types of insurance required and the experts who can help.

  • Experts from whom one can get mentoring.

  • Consultants who will train & help set up quality processes and lean manufacturing techniques.

  • Improving skills to handle various aspects of your enterprise.

  • Social media marketing to market your products in a cost-effective way, and the experts who can help.

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