Education hub & skill development at Nagpur

Education hub & skill development at Nagpur

education hub nagpur


Vidarbha region has 27 Engineering Colleges churning out 8700 graduates yearly. AIIMS, IIM, IIIT, NIPER & National Law School are being set up here.

Pool of qualified people available at reasonable costs for the IT, services & manufacturing sectors.

Startling statistics

As per experts, only 4% of the educated people are employable.

On several occasions, an engineer does not have practical knowledge about the machinery which he is expected to handle and in comparison, a diploma holder, who has had 1-2 years practical training on the machine is able to do the job quickly.


About 15-20 years are typically spent in schooling by an individual and the next 10-20 years are spent to gain the expertise in a particular field. Can the education system simply make a child expert in one field of their choice, so that by the time a child is 20-25 years of age they are also the best in one field?…. This is the big opportunity.

World-class education facilities cum skill development centres can be setup in Nagpur in JV with some of the best universities in world.

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